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Our team works tirelessly every day to enable scientific discoveries that make a difference. We are committed to hard work, excellence, and success through collaboration at every level. Our shared devotion to being the best at what we do to make a positive difference unites the contribution of every individual. 

These are the characteristics of our values:


Our Values

We reveal the mosaic of functional health through bio-science, answering scientific questions with confidence.


We do what it takes every day to enable scientific discoveries that make a difference.


We are committed to hard work and success through collaboration at every level.


Our shared devotion to making a difference unites the contributions of every individual.

How to Apply

We’re always on the lookout for talented software developers, bioinformaticians, bio-scientists, microbiologists, and industry professionals in full time, internship, and placement positions. If a role isn’t available below that you think you would be suited to, please send your resume to and tell us who you are. Show us things you’ve done that you’re excited about.

Important Note

It has come to our attention that unfortunately, fraudsters have been falsely offering jobs and set-up fake interviews under the guise of being an AiPharma recruiter. We, therefore, advise you to be very stringent about who is reaching out to you. Any inquiry from our team will only be made via the email or an email from this domain


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