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About AiPharma

AIPHARMA is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing oral therapies to address the unmet medical needs of patients with life-threatening viral diseases. Leveraging the Company’s deep understanding of antiviral drug development, nucleotide chemistry, biology, biochemistry and virology, AiPharma has built a nucleotide prodrug platform to develop novel product candidates to treat single stranded ribonucleic acid, or ssRNA, viruses, which are a prevalent cause of severe viral diseases.

Global Response Aid (GRA)

At the stage where COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, we quickly deployed a crew to start an initiative, that later became a full-fledged company called Global Response Aid. Alongside Agility which is one of the world’s leading logistics companies with a presence in 100 countries and annual turnover of $5BN.


PREPAiRE aims to provide reliable early warning on potential pandemics, but more importantly, to provide governments, health care professionals and business with the tools to predict, and understand the characteristics of the threat and the forecast consequences on the demand of PPE, medical devices and drugs.



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Omar Arrab



Abdulla Al Mansoori

Director of AiPharma MENA


Elvira Pleshakova
SVP Legal


Dr.Richard H. Kaszynski
Chief Medical Officer


Mary O’Brian
Chief Marketing Officer


Dr.Ivaylo Vladimirov Tsanev
Chief Regulatory Officer


Dr.Alessandro Gadotti 
Chief Executive Officer 


John White
Group Legal Counsel




May 30, 2021

Maker of anti-Covid medicine moves head office to Ireland

AiPharma, which makes a medication that combats mild to moderate coronavirus, is relocating its headquarters to Ireland and plans to set up a manufacturing operation here.


September 23, 2020

Avigan® Shows Promising Results in Treatment of COVID Patients in Japan

Healthcare solutions provider Global Response Aid (GRA) and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (NYSE: RDY) announced that the anti-viral drug Avigan® produced promising results in a single-blinded, placebo-controlled Phase 3 clinical study conducted in Japan with the sponsorship of FujiFilm Toyama Chemical.


September 23, 2020

Fujifilm's flu drug Avigan improves COVID-19 recovery time, setting up filing in Japan

Six months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the list of drugs with proven efficacy against the virus remains short. On Wednesday, Fujifilm added its flu drug Avigan.


September 20, 2020

International Cooperation in Clinical Studies: Richard H. Kaszynski / MD, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Director of Stanford Solutions

Richard H. Kaszynski formed a global network to rapidly conduct clinical drug trials in order to fight against infectious disease pandemics. He talks about a promising drug candidate for COVID-19.


September 23, 2020

Anti-influenza drug Avigan® TabletMeets Primary Endpoint in Phase III Clinical Trial in Japan for COVID-19 patients

TOKYO, September 23, 2020—FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. (President: Junji Okada; hereinafter “FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical”) has announced today that primary endpoint has been met in phase III clinical trial of “Avigan Tablet” 


September 28, 2020

Clinical Catch-Up: September 21-25

The European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Virtual Congress 2020 was last weekend and the beginning of the week, which resulted in numerous clinical trial announcements. Here’s a look.